As a dabbler in video, I don't have many. And the ones I do have aren't super profesh. I added this section to the site for those many job postings that say something similar to "video/animation/motion graphics experience is a plus."

Sexual Harassment Infographic

I designed an infographic and thought it'd be wise to re-use the vectors in a video. I used AfterEffects and Premiere Pro. Music is stock.


Sometimes the office just needs a little pick-me-up. I found that making stupid documentaries really allows people to come together and be creative. All you need is a phone and Premiere Pro.

Dance-off Mockumentary

The company I currently work for has a big conference every year, and there may or may not be (but definitely is) a dance-off involved. I stupidly signed up: I'm hopeless when it comes to dancing. So I decided to contribute by making this documentary:

Digital Painting Timelapse

This is for my side-project, Coat & Tails. Some people were curious about the process so I made this video.

Design Process

I made this for our company's internal social-networking site, but repurposed it here so you can see how I work.