Behold! Infographics. Most of these were for Workplace Answers, but some were EVERFI after WPA was acquired.

As a side note, this page you're looking at is a pretty good example of a certain amount of diligence on my part to make this site as functional as possible. Those blue arrows on either side of the images by default are placed in the center of whatever size the sample is. So if I'm showing an eBook, the blue arrow will land right in the middle of its usually fixed size. There's some JavaScript equation working out where to put them. But if the arrows were in the middle on this page, you'd have to scroll all the way down to find it, which you may not do if you're in a hurry. You'd think, "Oh, he only has one infographic. What a loser!" But I'm totally not a loser - at least when it comes to infographics: I have several.

Anyway, I used the "!important" CSS rule to prioritize the inline style from the PHP if-statement so that the browser would place the arrows 25px from the top of the container and not directly in the center.

I'm feeling very smug and self-satisfied with this trick and I think you should be very proud of me as well, but if not, that's cool; you will at least be able to navigate this page better than you would otherwise had I not been so extremely clever.

Now I have to figure out how to dynamically adjust the container itself to accommodate samples that are a different size. Currently there's a lot of white space because the container has to be the size of the largest sample.

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